Spaghetti  Mostaccioli  Rigatoni

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Dino’s sauces are made from Old Italian family recipes. The Bolognese is a full bodied meat sauce.

Our Pomodoro is a tomato sauce with a bold combination of basil, black pepper, salt, and garlic. A local favorite of our customers.

All dinners and lunches are served with garlic bread and your choice of soup or salad.

Lunch is from 11 am to 3 pm. Dinner is after 3 pm.


Lunch        Ala Carte        Dinner

Al Pomodoro                               $8.80        $9.55           $11.30

Served with our special tomato sauce.

Con Funghi                                 $9.05       $10.55         $12.30

Fresh mushrooms with tomato sauce.

Alla Bolognese                          $9.05       $10.55         $12.30

With meat sauce

Con Funghi                                $9.30        $11.05         $12.80

Fresh sliced mushrooms with meat sauce.

E. Polpette                                 $9.55        $11.55        $13.30

2 meat balls with meat sauce

Lunch 1 meat ball with meat sauce.


Con Salsicce                             $9.55        $11.55         $13.30

2 Italian sausages with meat sauce

Lunch 1 sausage w/meat sauce

Al Forno                                   $9.55        $11.55         $13.30

Simmered with meat sauce, topped

with mozzarella cheese, and baked to perfection.

Alle Vongole                            $10.55        $12.05         $13.80

Baby claims simmered in our tomato sauc




Linguine Al Vongole                   10.55       12.55            14.30

Lightly sauteed baby clams, simmered in our pomodoro sauce


Lasagne Al Forno                        10.05        12.55             14.30

Alternate layers of pasta, Bolognese sauce

ricotta, and mozzarella cheese

Manicotti Alla Dino’s                  10.55       12.55             14.30

Pasta crepes stuffed with ricotta cheese, and spices.

Topped with Bolognese sauce & mozzarella cheese

Cannelloni Alla Romana            10.05        12.55           14.30

Pasta crepes stuffed with beef, sasuage,

ricotta, parmesan cheese. peices topped

with Bolognese sauce & mozzarella cheese

Melanzane Alla Parmigiana     10.05        12.55       14.30

Pollo Cacciatora Alla Villa Dino’s   10.05        12.55          14.30

Cotoletta Alla Parmigiana         10.55      12.55          14.30